This is me


I work as cameraman and editor at Norwegian Broadcasting in Tromsø, Norway. When I’m not at work, I like to take pictures, and make videos.

Contact info:

post AT

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4 Responses to This is me

  1. arjen says:

    Hi my name is arjen and Im from Holland and i just wanted to say that SAAB is using one of your videos in their commercials here in holland just letting you know.

  2. alvin chong says:

    wonderful work.

    I will hopefully use your techniques in the near future

  3. Elizabeth Whitney says:

    So glad to find you. Gorgeous aurora images! I’m tracking the current CME for my Facebook friends. I follow the Dreamspell and we just entered the Skywalker Wavespell from the Sun Wavespell as the flare from 1158 happened. Now your pictures will show a Sky Dancer for everyone! The best I’ve seen. Good luck the next few nights.

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